January 14, 2016

Thrift Score Thursday: Lion Head Planter

After we left the corner campaign desk behind, we stopped by a local antique store that we've driven by many, many times.

We've never actually stopped in before because this store is known for having very nice things at very high prices.

We browsed around for a long time oohing and ahhing at all of the vintage pieces wishing we had the budget for them.

The store is wall-to-wall packed full of treasures but somehow I spotted this little brass lion head planter up on a shelf.

Aside from a little patina, the planter is in near perfect condition!

It was $9, which is much more than I've spent in the past for brass planters. I couldn't resist the lion head handles though so it came home with us!

When I peeled the price tag off, I saw an England stamp. I'm not sure what the part above it is supposed to say, can anyone figure it out?

Anyway, I found a similar looking planter on One Kings Lane:

The price wasn't listed but when I looked at the page's source code, I found the amount they were asking for it – $99!

Spending $9 doesn't seem so bad after all now :)


  1. Love it! I have a similar one that's just shaped a tad bit different

  2. Wow! You always pick such cool pieces. You are a fabulous curator ya know :)


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