Welcome to my Desert Domicile!

Take your shoes off, grab yourself a drink, and stay a while as I ramble on about life, love, and the pursuit of decorative accessories :)

While you're here, allow me to introduce myself – my name is Caitlin and I'm a graphic designer by day and interior decorator by nights and weekends.

I'm a native of Chicago, IL. In the summer of 2008, I packed up a moving truck and relocated to the Arizona desert. In the winter of 2011, I began building a semi-custom home that we moved into the summer of 2012!

Speaking of "we", I live with my husband and our 3 rescue dogs. Our new house has double the square footage of our old condo + it has a backyard and a garage to boot! More house means more furniture which means more money (which we don't have)!

Wondering how we're going to decorate our new place? Then join us on our DIY journey as we turn our brand new, semi-custom house into a home without breaking the bank!

Want to know more about me? Let's play 21 questions!

1. What style do you usually post about?
Modern eclectic

2. What is a style that you are drawn to, but isn't part of your normal material to talk about?
I like traditional interiors with their sleek, tailored furniture but I can't see myself living in a traditional styled home.

3. East Coast or West Coast?
West coast

4. Main go-to colors?
Navy, gold, black and white.

5. Color combo's you have been dying to try?
I'd love to try a mint and coral combo.

6. Antiques or new pieces of furniture and decor?
I like a mix of both!

7. Avid DIY'er or would you rather buy it finished?
Again, a mix of both. I'm an avid DIY'er when I can make something for significantly less than it would cost to buy but sometimes it's nice to buy something already finished and have one less project to work on!

8. Favorite Music to work to?
It depends on my mood/what I'm working on but I like a combination of EDM and hip-hop with a little indie thrown in. I'm currently on a Childish Gambino kick.

9. Early Bird or Night Owl?
Night owl

10. Coke or Pepsi?

11. Carpet or Hard Flooring?
Hard flooring

12. Country you want to visit?

13. What do you do to unwind?
I shop. More often than not I leave the store empty handed but it's still fun to walk around and get ideas for new projects. As they say, shopping is my therapy!

14. Who is your Design Icon?
Nate Berkus

15. Outside or Inside?

16. Piece of work that still makes you proud till this day?
Our house. It's our first home and we built it! We were working off of plans so it's not entirely custom but we made a lot of changes to the plans without really knowing what we were doing. We also had to pick out all of our finishes for everything (cabinets, floors, paint color, etc.) before our home could be built. Talk about nerves!

17. What is the one TV show that you can watch over and over and it never gets old?
The Big Bang Theory

18. Favorite Social Media Platform?
Instagram – I'm @desertdomicile if you'd like to follow along! :)

19. Cupcakes or Cake?

20. One thing you cannot live without?
My iPhone

21. Favorite type of flower?
Orchids. I can't keep them alive but I think they're so beautiful!

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