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Welcome to my Desert Domicile! Take your shoes off, grab yourself a drink, and stay a while as I ramble on about life, love and the pursuit of decorative accessories :)

While you're here, allow me to introduce myself – my name is Caitlin and I'm a graphic designer by day and interior decorator by nights and weekends.

I'm a native of Chicago, IL but in the summer of 2008, I packed up a moving truck and relocated to the desert of Tucson, AZ. Then, in the winter of 2011, I began building a semi-custom home that I moved into the summer of 2012!

My new house has double the square footage that my old condo had + it has a backyard and a garage to boot! More house means more furniture which means more money (that I don't have)!

Wondering how I'm going to decorate our new place? Then join me on my DIY journey as I turn our brand new, semi-custom house into a home without breaking the bank!

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