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All I Want For Christmas Is...

December 5, 2012

Christmas is only 20 days away which means that if you're anything like me, you haven't even started Christmas shopping. I take that back. I have two gifts that are waiting to be wrapped but those don't even touch the tip of my Christmas iceberg AKA shopping list.

[ Image via Times Union Blog ]

Because I can barely get my shopping act together for others, making a list of what I want for myself is completely forgotten about until I'm reminded by my loved ones 5 times. Well loved ones, guess what? Today is your lucky day because unlike previous years, I'm giving you my list almost 3 weeks early instead of 3 days early! You're welcome :)

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

Have you started shopping yet? What's on your Christmas list?

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  1. Love the piggy - I actually put a picture of a piggy on my post today too! haha

  2. Can I just adopt your wish list and be done with it? :) I want everything you have there :) I have some tools and house stuff on my wish list this year. And some app wishes for my blog.

  3. Crystal - Isn't he cute?! I love his little smile :)

    K- Absolutely haha I had a Kreg Jig on my list but I don't know the difference between all of the packages they offer so I took it off until I can do more research. Hope you get everything you want!

  4. I'd like to sign my name on the bottom of that wish list - love all those things! I'm SOOOO BEHIND on shopping. SO. BEHIND.

  5. Kelly - Sign away! Hope you can catch up soon :)

    Amy - Oh no! Good luck on finishing before the big day!

  6. Hi Caitlin - Just wanted to tell you that I enjoy your blog (you know that already, right?) and after recently being nominated for a couple awards - I wanted to share the love with you!


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