December 14, 2012

Outdoor Christmas Decor

Happy Friday!

Are you excited for the weekend? I know I am! My cold is 90% gone so I'm planning on finishing a few projects that I haven't had the energy to work on lately. I'm also planning on finishing my Christmas shopping! Can't wait to check that off ye old list haha

Speaking of Christmas...the outside of our house got Christmasfied!

It definitely can't compete with the Griswold's but it was our first time decorating the outside of any place we've lived so we didn't really have any outdoor decorations and therefore were working with what we had.

We hung some bells from the cage of the light that shines down on our garage:

They cast the prettiest shadows at night and our one neighbor is so in love with them that I wouldn't be surprised if they went missing haha

We also wrapped our gate with some wired ribbon to make it look like a present:

I wish I could say I made that bow but it was a $6 find from Target that I taped to the gate with painter's tape after wiring it around the vertical bar a few times:

We also taped the ribbon to the back of the gate with some painter's tape. We were worried that the cold temperatures at night would make the tape lose it's stickiness but it's held just fine so far!

The porch is a little pathetic but again, we were working with what we had :)

I propped the beaded tree up on a fake present and wrapped some ornament garland around the base of it:

I hung our feather wreath from a Command strip:

And stuck a little bird pick in the side of it to add some color:

Just like our indoor decor, I'm hoping to score some good after Christmas deals on outdoor decor so we can Christmasfy the place a little more next year!

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  1. Your feather wreath might go missing too... but I don't know anything about that...

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  2. Haha I'll leave you out of the questioning then ;)

  3. I love your gate!! Also I love that you made it a present! If it put my tree by a window, does that count as decorating the outside of my house for Christmas? Please say yes! :)

    Amber @ Wills Casa


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