December 1, 2014

DIY Mystery Supply Challenge: Christmas Edition

Happy Monday!

Today kicks off Christmas week on the blog! I'll be sharing something every day this week starting with today's announcement + two other posts this afternoon!

I've put together a DIY Mystery Supply Challenge! I asked the other amazing bloggers shown above to participate in it with me and to my surprise, they all said yes!

What's the mystery supply challenge?
It's a creative version of the TV show Chopped! Well, kind of. There's no prize money and we aren't competing against each other. Oh, and no one is getting voted off the blogging island ;)

Ideally I'd like this to be an ongoing, seasonal challenge featuring different bloggers or recurring ones if they're still on board.

For the Christmas edition, we're making ornaments!

I asked everyone to get the following mystery supplies:

• 1 pack of clear glass/plastic ornaments (any quantity) • 1 Sharpie paint pen (any color) • 1 bag of faux snow • 1 roll of ribbon (any color/width)

Like the chefs on Chopped, we're also able to access our own version of a pantry/fridge AKA our craft stash, garage, etc.

Here's the part where I'd show you what I made but sadly I can't until we all reveal our ornaments next Monday, December 8th! Promise me you'll check back then? :)

Check out the bloggers that are participating:

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  1. How FUN!! I can hardly wait to what come out of the "pantry"!!

  2. Sounds so fun!! Can't wait to see everyone ornaments! Great idea Caitlin!

  3. This sounds so cool! It's going to be super rad!

  4. I love these challenges! Can't wait to see all the reveals :) Thanks for organizing.xx

    Mariella @ Splendor in Spanglish


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