34 DIY Farmhouse Table Plans

By: Rita Pike |

In the old days, families sat down around a beautiful table filled with elegant china, spotless water glasses, and cozy meals that helped to warm the heart. The kitchen – and dining room – were really the heart of the home.

And though now, with television, Smartphones, and after school activities dominating our lives, we can still get back to that warm, healthy family with the help of a family-style table. If you’re in need of the knowledge of how to build a farmhouse table to make that possible, you’ll love these DIYs.

No Pocket Holes DIY Farmhouse Table Plan

<strong>No Pocket Holes DIY Farmhouse Table Plan</strong>

Farmhouse style tables have been beloved for centuries, so it’s no wonder they’re a popular style that still exists in all sorts of décor styles. This particular option is a simpler build than many of the others, thanks to the no pocket-holes design.

So, if you’re low on power tools and don’t want to spend a fortune, this is the perfect plan for you. You only need a drill and a saw for this, and supplies that cost between $50 and $100. 

Via Ana-White

Pottery Barn Inspired $100 Farmhouse Table

<strong>Pottery Barn Inspired $100 Farmhouse Table</strong>

If you love the many styles and designs at Pottery Barn, you’re going to love this one. It’s specifically designed to imitate a specific design from the brand and looks amazingly similar. It’s gorgeous and way cheaper than their options for sure.

This isn’t a beginner project, but for someone who’s got some experience with woodworking, it’ll be a reasonably easy build. The plans have been simplified to allow use a Kreg Jig, too, to make it easier.

Via Shanty 2 Chic

Classic Farmhouse Table

<strong>Classic Farmhouse Table</strong>

These barnwood table plans bring about the perfect, classic farmhouse table for your home. The plans are reasonably easy to use to create this beautiful table like your grandmother used to have. But you will need pocket hole equipment to build it.

For supplies, you’ll need 4 pre-made table legs, 1x4s, 2x4s, 1×7 barnwood boards, Kreg pocket hole screws, Titebond wood glue, a brad nailer, a Kreg mini Jig kit, brad nails, and other basic supplies to build this beautiful table.

Via Décor and the Dog

X Brace Farmhouse Table

<strong>X Brace Farmhouse Table</strong>

If you’re looking for something super sturdy and well-braced, this X-Brace farmhouse table is a great option. The table uses some solid wood to create the durable x-braces with a metal pipe support beam for extra support and stability.

To make this plan, you’ll need 2x10s, 2x4s, 4x4s, 1x4s, coarse Kreg Jig screws, wood screws, clamps, a metal pipe with braces, and a countersink drill bit. Tools needed includes a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig, miter saw, nail gun, sander, table saw, and other basic tools.

Via Build Something

4×4 Farmhouse Table with Benches

<strong>4x4 Farmhouse Table with Benches</strong>

For a simple but beautiful Farmhouse style table, complete with benches, you may want to check out this design. It’s a moderately doable project for most folks, if you’ve got the right tools, and it’s absolutely beautiful when completed.

The plans can be found on Ana-White, with input from the gal at Shanty 2 Chic, who collaborated together to create the plans. DIY Pete, however, offers some additional insight and thoughts on building this beautiful table and his own take on things.

Via DIY Pete

Basic and Beautiful Farmhouse Table

<strong>Basic and Beautiful Farmhouse Table</strong>

This is a very basic but still beautiful farmhouse table that you can build fairly easily. The creator of the design offers insights on how to customize the table for your own needs and budget while providing you with what they actually did to create it.

It’s a very budget-friendly option, especially for anyone with scrap wood lying around or the ability to use some found wood. Just read the instructions fully before getting started and collect materials up to verify you’ve got all that you need.

Via Instructables

Rustic Wood Farmhouse Table

<strong>Rustic Wood Farmhouse Table</strong>

These beautiful, rustic kitchen table plans are perfect for anyone looking for a very comfortable, solidly built farmhouse table. The plans are very thorough with everything you need, including the various parts that have to be constructed to build it.

And even if you don’t have loads of experience, if you can handle a circular saw and chisel, you’re set to make this amazing, large table for your home. Just read the instructions a few times before starting, and you’ll be golden.

Via Popular Mechanics

Modern Farmhouse Table

<strong>Modern Farmhouse Table</strong>

If you love the idea of a farmhouse table but want something a little more modern than what you usually find, this design will do the trick for you. It’s beautiful, it’s elegant, and it’s extremely functional, while still being straight forward and exceptionally “farmhouse” in style.

The project is not the easiest, however, so save this for your more skilled days ahead, if you’re currently a beginner. You’ll require some tools you probably don’t have on hand, and definitely will need a bit of patience and a solid knowledge base to make this table happen.

Via Life Storage

Lightweight Simple Farmhouse Table

<strong>Lightweight Simple Farmhouse Table</strong>

Love farmhouse tables but need something lighter weight that won’t restrict movement around your space? This plan is perfect. It’s designed specifically for use with pine boards, dropping the poundage easily.

It’s a very basic, lightweight table that’s sturdy enough to handle most of what life can throw its way, but still beautiful. You’ll need some 1×4 pine boards, 1x10s, 2x4s, 2x2s, wood filler, stain or paint, and some basic supplies and materials.


Husky Farmhouse Table

<strong>Husky Farmhouse Table</strong>

If you’re more into a big, chunky table that can handle everything a table might have thrown at it, this is your table plan. It’s a super solid table with strong legs and a sturdy tabletop. It’s beautiful, too, so it’s an all-around winner.

You’ll need some basic supplies, plus husky dining table legs, 2x4s, 1x2s, 2x6s, pocket hole screws, finish nails, and wood glue. You’ll also need a Kreg Jig, sander, circular saw, and drill.

Via Ana-White

Hardwood Farmhouse Table

<strong>Hardwood Farmhouse Table</strong>

This stunning table with matching benches is the perfect fit for anyone looking for rich, beautiful, and large farmhouse style table. Use high-quality hardwood and the right stain, and you’ll have a table everyone thinks has been handed down for generations.

This isn’t a beginner project, but rather a more advanced skill project. Be sure to thoroughly read instructions and gather all the supplies and tools ahead of time. The project will take you a few days to put together, plus drying time for the stain.

Via Tommy and Ellie

French Farmhouse Table

<strong>French Farmhouse Table</strong>

For those looking for a different twist on the farmhouse table, you’ll want to check out this beautiful option. It’s clearly French-inspired, with beautiful design work. You’ll need to gather up supplies before you get started and you may want to print the cut list before heading to the lumber store.

You’ll need 2x6s, 4x4s, 2x4s, 1x4s, and some basic supplies to create this stunning table. The instructions are easy to follow, if you’ve got some base skills.

Via Handmade Haven

Trestle Farmhouse Table

<strong>Trestle Farmhouse Table</strong>

This beautiful table is another unique twist on the farmhouse style table. It’s a super sturdy option that isn’t too heavy and won’t cost you a ton to build. The instructions are straightforward and easy to follow along, as well, if you have some woodworking experience.

You’ll need some 4x4s, 2x6s, 2x4s, 4x6s, some Cedar deck boards, decking screws, Kreg Jig, stain, and spar urethane. You’ll also need some basic supplies and materials to finish the project.

Via The Navage Patch

Traditional Round Farmhouse Table

<strong>Traditional Round Farmhouse Table</strong>

When you love Farmhouse tables but need a round table to fit into your space or your taste, this is a great option. It’s got all the beauty and style of a Farmhouse table with the shape of that table of King Arthur’s knights.

To build this beautiful option, you’ll need rough hewn white oak, wood glue, biscuits, a planer, table saw, sander, band saw, lathe, Kreg Jig, wood screws, dowels, a biscuit joiner, pipe clamps, router, and stain.

Via Instructables

Pedestal Style Braced Farmhouse Table

<strong>Pedestal Style Braced Farmhouse Table</strong>

If you prefer a pedestal style table, you can check out the plans for this beautiful Farmhouse table from a creator on Instructables. The stunning table is extremely sturdy while being completely beautiful.

There’s a video for inspiration, as well as written out instructions on how to build this table from basic lumber pieces. We’d recommend watching the video once or twice and reading through all the instructions before getting the project going.

Via Instructables

Simple Rustic Farmhouse Table

<strong>Simple Rustic Farmhouse Table</strong>

Farmhouse tables come in all styles, colors, and designs. With hardwood, pine board, or “any” wood designs available, you’ll find just about anything from modern to mid-Century to rustic. And this simple, rustic design is absolutely beautiful while being straightforward and reasonably easy to build.

To make this beautiful table, you’ll need a miter saw or skill saw, a quick square, drill, clamps, pliers, wood glue, and, if you’ve got one, a Kreg Jig. For supplies you’ll need basic supplies like wood, wood glue, and screws.

Via Instructables

Beautiful Rustic Wood Farmhouse Table

<strong>Beautiful Rustic Wood Farmhouse Table</strong>

This design was specifically created with using readily available lumber in mind. They highly recommend getting kiln dried heat-treated lumber for the furniture. Look for HT or KD initials on the lumber to make sure you’re getting the right wood.

You should look through the tutorial and comments before starting the project. The instructions are thorough with photos for each step, as well as plenty of thoughts on how to do them. It’s fairly basic, too, so it’s great for folks getting into woodworking.

Via Instructables

Cherry Farmhouse Table

<strong>Cherry Farmhouse Table</strong>

This Farmhouse table is absolutely gorgeous. It’s also fairly simple and straightforward, so if you’re looking for a moderately easy project for building over a weekend, you’ve found the right tutorial. Be sure to read through the instructions before getting started.

The build was designed off an Ana-White plan but modified by the poster on Instructables. Be sure to check out both to see what tweak(s) might best suit your needs.

Via Instructables

Hairpin Leg Farmhouse Table

<strong>Hairpin Leg Farmhouse Table</strong>

Here’s another unique twist on the Farmhouse table. This one uses hairpin legs instead of the more standard wooden legs. You can find the hairpin legs on Amazon or similar shops online, just be sure to get legs that are large enough and sturdy enough to support the tabletop.

Besides the hairpin legs, you’ll need some 1x3s, a quart of stain, quart of clear coat, some brushes for the stain, 2x10s, sand paper, wood screws, and pan head wood screws. For tools, you’ll need a chop saw or circular saw, table saw, drill, and hammer.

Via Instructables

Folding Chevron Farmhouse Table

<strong>Folding Chevron Farmhouse Table</strong>

Farmhouse tables are beautiful and functional and sturdy. But if you’re tight on space and can’t always have one out – or often host big family events, like Thanksgiving, reunions, or other events, you will want to check out this amazing folding table.

It’s a full-size Farmhouse table, but it folds up into a reasonably flat, easy to pack away “slab” of wood that you can pull out just when you need.

Via Instructables

Simple Beautiful Farmhouse Table

<strong>Simple Beautiful Farmhouse Table</strong>

This beautiful, but simple table is a great option for a modern styled home, casual dining space, or just about anywhere you might need a large, sturdy table. The video shows information and details for making the table.

Below the video, you’ll find the step-by-step instructions written out in more of a “this is how I did it” way, but the steps are clear enough you should be able to follow them if you have any knowledge of woodworking to start with.

Via Instructables

Solid Wood Farmhouse Table and Benches

<strong>Solid Wood Farmhouse Table and Benches</strong>

If you’re looking for a really solid picnic table-esque Farmhouse table with benches, you’ll love this option from Instructables. The tutorial takes you through a detailed step-by-step and offers tips along the way.

You’ll also want to check out the Instructables link for the benches to craft the whole beautiful set. The plans were based on the Ana-White plans for the truss bench but with the creator’s unique twists to make it ideal for the table.

Via Instructables

Vintage Style Farmhouse Table and Benches

<strong>Vintage Style Farmhouse Table and Benches</strong>

For an older vintage style honest-to-goodness Farmhouse table with benches, this plan from Instructables is a great option. You can reuse lumber and supplies to create this beautiful table. It actually kind of has a piano bench feel to it, so if you’re a music lover, you’ll probably appreciate it all the more.

If you’ve got an old table, you’ll want to tear it apart to rebuild into something beautiful and new. If you don’t, you can go find one on freecycle.org or the Craigslist free section. Or, heck, if you’re in the city, do some alley shopping.

Via Instructables

Budget-Friendly Farmhouse Table

<strong>Budget-Friendly Farmhouse Table</strong>

Need a super budget-friendly option? This one will do it for you. The whole table was created from claimed goods – barnwood, ceiling planks, scraps, and even a mattress topper and shower curtains – from the build process to the final product.

The Instructables tutorial takes you through the process of how they found most of the pieces, how they cleaned them up, and how they “stuck” them together to create this stunning table. Follow their inspiration and soon you’ll have a totally reclaimed table.

Via Instructables

Parson Style Farmhouse Table

<strong>Parson Style Farmhouse Table</strong>

This beautifully shaped, simple wood table in Parson style is a fairly easy project for most woodworkers. If you have any experience this should be no issue for you at all. And the best part is, it’s a totally customizable design.

The creator takes you through each step, showing you how to determine what you need to create this yourself in the size table you need. Just decide the approximate measurements you want and follow the instructions.

Via Instructables

Modern Square Farmhouse Table

<strong>Modern Square Farmhouse Table</strong>

If you love Farmhouse tables but need something more in the square realm instead of round or rectangular, you’ll love this option. You’ll find the free plans on Ana-White and soon discover that you can make this, whatever your skill level is.

So, if you’ve got a small space but still want a Farmhouse table, this is your go-to plan. You can even shorten the legs and turn this stunning piece into a coffee table, instead.

Via Ana-White

Narrow Farmhouse Table

<strong>Narrow Farmhouse Table</strong>

Some spaces simply require a narrow table. So, if that’s your home, you’ll want to explore these plans for a narrow Farmhouse table. This simple, rustic table is sturdy, stylish, and absolutely beautiful. You just need to select the right kind of wood and stain for the look you’re going for.

To build this one, you’ll need some 2x2s, 1x8s, 1x3s, 1x4s, 1x6s, wood screws, wood glue, wood filler, sandpaper, finishing supplies, and commons supplies like sandpaper and paint or stain.

Via Ana-White

Turned Leg Modern Farmhouse Table

<strong>Turned Leg Modern Farmhouse Table</strong>

This beautiful turned leg table has a modern appeal. It was built by a beginner, too, so despite being beautiful and sturdy, it’s easy enough that anyone who’s got the tools around can make it. You’ll just to follow along on the instructions provided.

And because this was built by a total beginner, you can even make your own twists on the design to make it a little easier, more to your style, or anything else necessary.

Via Ana-White

$250 Farmhouse Table and Benches

<strong>$250 Farmhouse Table and Benches</strong>

This Instructables shows you how to build a simple, inexpensive Farmhouse dining table with matching benches using simple construction lumber. The whole thing should cost less than $250, including the benches.

To make this, you’ll need some specific tools for the cleanest results, like a planer and circular saw for straight edge. You’ll also need a cabinet saw, miter saw, jointer, and a sander. For supplies, you’ll need 2x10s, 4x4s, wood glue, dowels, stain, sealer, tabletop fasteners, and deck screws.

Via Instructables

Outdoor Farmhouse Table

<strong>Outdoor Farmhouse Table</strong>

If you’re finally setting up your outdoor kitchen this year and need a fabulous table out there, this amazing Farmhouse table is a great option. Be sure to get wood that’s properly treated, the right kind of outdoor stain, and, of course, carefully follow the notes and instructions to make sur everything is outdoor ready.

To build this beauty, you’ll need 2x4s, 2x8s, wood stain, Kreg Jig screws, polyurethane, a Kreg Jig, wood clamps, miter saw, measuring tape, saw horses, sander, and marking utensils like pencils.

Via Amber-Olive

Easy Rustic Farmhouse Table

<strong>Easy Rustic Farmhouse Table</strong>

This easy rustic Farmhouse table design is a modification on an Ana-White original. You’ll find the notes the builder offers suggest how you might adjust it, as well, to fit your needs, if the size isn’t quite what you need.

You can view a 3D model in Sketchup, too, to play around with the design to fit your needs, which is an added bonus, especially for anyone who’s newer to woodworking but wants to try their hand at designing.

Via Ed Hart

Large and Wide Square Farmhouse Table

<strong>Large and Wide Square Farmhouse Table</strong>

When you need a really wide Farmhouse table for a specific space that’s often filled with loads of family members gathered for special events, this is the perfect option. But it’s a square design tweaked from an Ana-White original, so it’s got some specific space types in mind.

To build this beauty, you’ll need some 4x4s, 2x4s, 2x8s, pocket hole screws, wood screws, wood glue, wood plugs, a tape measure, pencil, speed square, drill with countersink drill bit, a circular saw, pocket hole jig, chisel, and, of course, safety gear.

Via Jen Woodhouse

Round Pedestal Farmhouse Table

<strong>Round Pedestal Farmhouse Table</strong>

For those looking for that perfect round table for the kitchen, this amazing pedestal base Farmhouse table is a delightful option. It was designed after a specific model the creator fell in love with and created around.

This is a French-inspired design that’s 48-inches round and 30-inches tall, but you could make adjustments to fit your precise needs. The supplies are pretty basic, too, though the design isn’t really for beginning woodworkers.

Via Her Toolbelt

Ikea Upcycle Farmhouse Table

<strong>Ikea Upcycle Farmhouse Table</strong>

Of course, not all of us are super handy or have all the power tools in the world lying around our houses. So, if that’s you, here’s an upcycle project that will let you turn an old junker table into a beautiful Farmhouse table for not much money at all.

You’ll need to find an old Ikea table or two (well, any old tables), decide how large you want the table to be, grab some cheap wood (alley shopping anyone?), and follow the simple instructions to build this amazing table that no one would suspect is recycled.

Via East Coast Creative Blog

The Best Farmhouse Table Plans Online

This collection of Farmhouse dining table plans brings together some of the best designs, unique qualities, and, of course, the beauty of this classic style. You’ll find just about anything you need in the various designs, too, from round to large, to smaller, to huge.

Just be sure to read through the instructions several times, make any adjustments you need before getting wood cut, and let your imagination run wild. Most of the designs are flexible enough you can play with them, so you should.

Ultimately, the designs are all at least a little flexible, so don’t be afraid to experiment a little if you have some basic knowledge of woodworking.