November 25, 2014

DIY Removable Floating Shelf

Thank you to Design Your Wall for providing us with their Marmi Grey marble contact paper to use for this project! All ideas and opinions are my own.

We added a removable floating shelf to our laundry room!

We started building it the same way we've built our other floating shelves (tutorial 1 // tutorial 2).

We screwed a 1 x 2 into the back and sides of our wall, making sure to hit studs wherever possible.

We avoided screwing any screws into the wall near the water lines. Floods are no fun!

We Kreg Jigged 3, 1 x 2 pieces into the back support piece:

We made sure to Kreg Jig both sides of the 1 x 2 pieces so we could attach them to the front support piece:

Here's how the final frame looked before we placed the removable top piece on top:

I had originally planned on staining the removable top piece but I decided to cover it with marble contact paper instead.

Design Your Wall sent me their Marmi Grey marble contact paper to use on another project but I loved it so much that I decided to use it on our floating shelf as well!

I measured the length of our top piece and cut two strips of marble contact paper down to size. I carefully rolled the paper on top of itself so I could peel the backing off while smoothing the paper down at the same time.

Here's what one strip looked like when I was finished:

Here's a good look at what the removable top piece looks like (sorry I don't have better photos):

The top piece is 3/4" plywood that we Kreg Jigged to the front piece which is a 1 x 3 piece of wood (I think it's pine but I can't remember).

I overlapped a little bit of the second piece of marble contact paper on top of the first piece so you wouldn't see any of the plywood peeking through.

I removed the backing on the part of the contact paper that would be touching the top of the removable shelf so I could stick it in place. I left the backing on the part of the contact paper that would be touching the front of the shelf so I could work on that part later.

Unfortunately I don't have any photos of how I did the front part because it was a two person job (one to hold the shelf up and one to stick the contact paper in place).

Basically I made a crease in the contact paper along the front of the shelf and then I folded it up hot dog style so I could remove all of the backing that I had left on. I started in the middle of the front and pulled the contact paper tight and then stuck it in place. I pushed out any air bubbles before moving to my left and repeating the same pulling and sticking process. I finished the entire left side before moving onto the right side.

Here's a good look at the underside of the shelf. You can see how we Kreg Jigged the top to the front and how I folded the contact paper underneath the shelf:

We lifted the shelf up at an angle and gently lowered in in place.

I'm so in love with the marble look!

The top piece spans wall to wall and rests on the support frame we built for it. It can be easily lifted off and removed if we need to access the back of the machines to clean the dryer vent or have service work done on them.

Even though the shelf looks like it's sitting right on top of the machines, it's actually floating about an inch above them. There's plenty of room on the sides and center of the machines for ventilation.

My $6 Nate Berkus snake bowl is going to corral all of the things that get left behind in pockets :)

Is it possible for a laundry room to feel like a spa? Ours is starting to look that way!

Just for fun, here's a before and after comparison of what the room looked like with and without the shelf:

We have one more project left on our list before the big reveal! I promise it will include some color :)

What do you think of our new shelf? I have to admit that I think the ability to remove it is pretty genius :)

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  1. Now I see what you were doing with the marble. This is the most glamorous laundry room ever and I want it.

  2. that shelf makes such a dramatic difference!

  3. I think it looks great!! And it is nice that you can remove the shelf. Such a chic laundry room!

  4. Looks great Caitlin! That contact paper is da bomb! xoxo

    1. Thanks Kristin! It really is awesome. I have so much left over though haha Just means more projects ;)

  5. Nice job Caitlin! The white Marble really helps to break the black up a bit and add some balance

    1. Thanks Dhani! I'm so happy we didn't stain the shelf. It would've been way too dark in there!

  6. Always impressed by your woodwork, and the marble was a perfect choice! Such a beautiful and functional upgrade.

  7. Love this! It looks so real! I thought about doing this on the black shelves of the Ikea Vittsjo in my living room and now seeing how good it looks I'm definitely doing it!!

    1. Do it! Tip: work in a direction where you can squish all the air bubbles out. Makes things much easier :)

  8. I love the marble. You have the fanciest laundry room around

  9. Love!!!! Where is the before mirror from?! Love your laundry room 😍

  10. Love the new shelf! The marble looks so great with the black walls. Beautiful!

  11. Swoooooon! That paper looks SO good on that shelf. If I had a fab laundry room like you, I wouldn't mind doing my laundry so much! ;)

  12. I'm loving it! I don't have a laundry room, but if I did I would definitely try this! Love how real the marble looks!

  13. Ohhhhh I LOVE that shelf! Every laundry room needs a shelf. The marble is the icing on the cake. It really took it to a whole new level. I'm glad you did that instead of staining. It really pops against the dark wall.

  14. I thought it was real marble. Awesome.


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