15 DIY Floating Shelves Ideas

By: Desert Domicile Team |

Are you tired of the clutter on your kitchen counter? Maybe you can’t stand the books and magazines strewn around your living room?

Building yourself a DIY set of floating shelves is a fantastic way to remove the clutter in any room in your home.

Get things organized, and take the clutter out of your life. Check out these 15-ideas for floating shelves that look fantastic and bring a sense of style to the room.

DIY Floating Corner Shelf

We love the edges of this floating corner shelf. The raw look of the wood accentuates the color contrast between the whites in the kitchen tiles and the warm glow of the wood. You can make these shelves from old reclaim, and sand and seal the wood to give it a warm glow.

A fantastic choice for the kitchen, but we think it would look great in a study or lounge to provide a rugged and rustic look.

DIY Floating Corner Shelf from curbly.com

Kitchen DIY Floating Shelf

This kitchen counter top and matching wooden floating shelves look fantastic. The darker color of the wood blends well with the white tiles and cupboards, providing a farmhouse and homely feel to the room. Use the shelves for easy-to-access storage space in the kitchen.

Kitchen DIY Floating Shelf from hometalk.com

Bathroom DIY Floating Shelf

Keep the clutter away from your bathroom basin with these bathroom floating shelves. We recommend you hand these shelves next to the washbasin, or behind the toilet. The shelves are excellent for storing scented candles, bubble bath, and other bathroom conveniences. Reach up to the shelf while you’re soaking in the tub, and light a scented candle to help you relax.

Bathroom DIY Floating Shelf from livecreative.co

DIY Floating Shelf with Lighting

If you have a dark corner in the room, bring it to life with this idea for lighted floating shelves. Installing some downlights, countersunk into the shelving, provides the room with a focal point, as well as more light.

We like the white color of this design, but you could paint this any color you want to suit the décor of the room. 

DIY Floating Shelf with Lighting from realitydaydream.com

Corner L-Shaped Floating DIY Shelves

Do you have books like in stacks around your living room? If you’re a bookworm, then it’s time to organize your library with this idea for a floating shelf.

Organize your books, records, or study materials using this L-shaped floating shelf system for your study or bedroom. Keep the clutter off of the floor and categorized on your floating shelves.

Corner L-Shaped Floating DIY Shelves from abeautifulmess.com

Triangle DIY Floating Shelves

We love the retro design of these triangle floating shelves. The shelves look like rewind and fast-forward buttons, making them the ideal choice for your entertainment room.

Use the shelves to store TV guides, remotes, magazines, or books. The two-tome color scheme of white with natural wood looks fantastic in a contemporary or modern home.

Triangle DIY Floating Shelves from home-designing.com

Creative Moon-Design DIY Floating Shelves

If you have experience in woodwork and feel like making something creative, then check out this design for a moon-shaped floating shelf.

This moon is a gorgeous design that’s suitable for the bedroom, the study, or the lounge. The shelf provides an attractive decorative feel to the room while remaining functional. Use it to store decorative items like photo-frames and small pot plants or candles.

Creative Moon-Design DIY Floating Shelves from urbanoutfitters.com

Staggered Corner DIY Floating Shelves

This design suits modern and contemporary homes that are looking for alternative shelving space, but don’t want long shelving along the wall.

These floating shelves look fantastic in the corner of the room, and they’re great for displaying photo frames or other ornaments in your home. Paint them any color you like, or use reclaimed wood for a rustic and warm look.

Staggered Corner DIY Floating Shelves from lsgokc.com

Diamond Display DIY Floating Shelf

Made from wrought iron rods and reclaimed wood, this flo0ating shelf design is suitable for living rooms, dining rooms, the bathroom, or the bedroom.

The attractive diamond-shape is a nice shape from the traditional shelving racks. If you have some skill with a welder, then this is a great design to add to your home.

Diamond Display DIY Floating Shelf from armindaarant.co

Corner Beauty Counter DIY Floating Shelf

If space is at a premium in your bedroom, then this floating shelf design is the ideal choice for your beauty routine.

The larger bottom shelf serves as a countertop, while the other two shelves above it are for storage of your cosmetics. We like the light wood in this example; it accentuates the light and lifts your mood in the morning.

Corner Beauty Counter DIY Floating Shelf from airplanedesign.com

Shower DIY Floating Shelves

Every shower needs some shelves. Store your shampoo and conditioner off of the floor, along with your shower gel. While these natural granite shelves look amazing, you could make the shelves from plastic as well.

Bending down to pick up a bottle of shower gel could end up with you sustaining a slip-and-fall in the shower. These floating shelves offer an attractive and viable solution for storing your shower stuff at arm’s reach.

Shower DIY Floating Shelves from camtrai.co

DIY Floating Shelves for Dorm Rooms

We all know that college dorms are tight living spaces. Take the clutter off of your desk and the floor.

This quarter-circle floating shelf system for your college dorm is the ideal storage solution to keep your room clean and your desk uncluttered. Store your books and ornaments in one place where you can find them easily.

DIY Floating Shelves for Dorm Rooms from universalcity.co

Contemporary DIY Floating Shelves

We love the look of the contrasting colors in these contemporary floating L-shelves. They’re the ideal choice for areas in the home where you entertain guests.

The sleek and modern look for these floating shelves makes them an eye-pleasing addition to any room.

Contemporary DIY Floating Shelves from umblilela.info

Tetris-Style DIY Floating Shelves

The chic styling of these Tetris-style shelves reminds us of our favorite 90’s video game. These shelves look fantastic in this dark, natural wood color when contrasted against a light wall.

Use these shelves in your living room, bedroom, or study for an attractive display and storage space.

Tetris-Style DIY Floating Shelves from schnecke.co

Zig-Zag DIY Floating Shelves

If you have an empty corner in your living room, dining room, or bedroom that looks bland, then try this idea for a DIY floating shelf.

The alternating display surfaces look modern and attractive, and it’s an ideal shelf for displaying photo frames.

Zig-Zag DIY Floating Shelves from foster.com


Take these floating shelf ideas and get creative with your DIY experiment. You can use reclaimed wood, old plastic, metal fittings, or whatever you like to build your shelves. Homemade shelves can look as good as the store-bought products, and you can make them for a fraction of the cost.

With these 15 DIY floating shelf ideas, you have something for every room in the home. Making these shelves is a cost-effective way to bring out-of-the-way storage and a decorative edge to your living room, bathroom, kitchen, and even your shower!