October 10, 2014

DIY Modern Console Table

When we were updating our loft, I knew I wanted to place a console table against our new wainscoting. The previous console table we made was too small for the space so we built a new one!

We changed a few things from the original design. For starters, we Kreg Jigged everything instead of using nails and screws. We also made the top thicker and added some extra decorative pieces (I have no idea what to call them haha). We also made the table larger.

Our table's final dimensions were 60" W x 33" H x 12" D. We used 2 x 2 x 8's for everything except the top.

We made the following cuts for the table's frame:
  • 6, 57" pieces for the long horizontal rails (only 4 shown, you'll find out why in a minute)
  • 4, 29" pieces for the table legs
  • 6, 9" pieces for the short side rails (only 4 shown, you'll find out why in a minute)

We Kreg Jigged all of our pieces (short sides shown below) and got to work!

We built both legs AKA the sides of the console table first.

We tried to Kreg Jig them together on the underside of the wood but our drill + the Kreg Jig drill bit wouldn't fit in between the legs so we had to Kreg Jig them together on the inside part.

After the legs/sides were built, we Kreg Jigged the long horizontal pieces to the top and bottom of the console table matching them up with the short pieces.

When we were done Kregging, we had built this frame!

I liked it but I didn't like the large gap between the top and bottom rails so I decided to add a few more pieces to the frame.

I cut two more long (57") and short (9") pieces and Kreg Jigged holes in them.

We attached them to the frame like so:

They're the same distance from the bottom of the top rail as the bottom of the horizontal piece is to the floor, or 3":

When the frame was finished, we moved on to cutting the boards for the top's sides (top piece not shown). We used 1 x 4's for the sides and cut 2, 60" pieces and 2, 12" pieces.

We did a dry test fit of the pieces to make sure they would fit on top of our frame:

We Kreg Jigged the inside of each piece a few times (twice on the 12" pieces, 5 times on the 60" pieces):

Before we attached the top, we filled all of the visible Kreg Jig holes and sanded everything down a few times until it was smooth to the touch. I stained the table frame (Minwax's Dark Walnut) and primed and painted the top and side pieces (Behr's off the shelf white) separately before Kregging them together.

We Kreg Jigged the side pieces onto the top of the table frame from the inside. These were Kreg Jigged close to the edge of the frame so we went slow and made sure that none of the wood split.

When all of the sides were Kreg Jigged in place, we screwed some supports (leftover scrap wood) onto the long horizontal pieces so our top would have a place to rest.

We placed our top piece on top (1, 1 x 12 ripped down to 10 3/8") of the supports, caulked all of the gaps, and touched up the paint.

When the paint touchups were dry, we brought the table up to our loft and placed it against our new blue wall!

I styled it with items I had in my accessory hoard :)

A lot of people have asked about the baskets underneath the table.

Sadly, they're no longer available :( I got them on super clearance at Target a few years ago so I picked up the last 3 they had. You could probably DIY them if you found a plain woven basket. Paint some rhombi on them and you're good to go!

Just for fun, here's what the old console table looks like compared to the new one!

We've learned a lot in 2 years (when the old table was built) not only in terms of building furniture but also in terms of styling and not having cords hanging out everywhere haha

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  1. i am totally impressed! and you make it look soooo easy.

  2. Your tutorials are always phenomenal, 2 years ago too ;)
    Love the look

    1. Thank you Julia! Sometimes I cringe when I look at old photos of our home haha

  3. Amazing amazing. Every details of the table and the styling is just perfect. Ain't nobody got time to clear out cords for a picture <3

    1. Thanks Amy! I tape cords to the back of furniture/down table legs now so I don't have to worry about them showing up in photos :)

  4. Did you use a Tucson Toros shirt as your drop cloth? Tuffy would be so sad...

    1. Haha good eye Carolyn! It's actually a random blanket we had in the garage. I didn't want to scuff the table so Tuffy stepped up to the plate ;)

  5. Looks so great! And I love how that green chair looks against the dark wall!

  6. I love everything about this table! Looks like buying a Kreg jig is in my future!

    1. Thanks Terryn! Yes, definitely buy a Kreg Jig! Ours sat in a box for over a year but I'm so happy we finally learned how to use it.

  7. Are you serious?! You guys made that?! It's gorgeous. Great styling, too.

  8. This is so amazing! You are seriously talented!

  9. Gorgeous Caitlin! I remember being seriously awed by your first console table build - even more so by this one! I love how it looks in the room!

  10. That console table is gorgeous! I love it! And this is a great tutorial!

  11. Oh I love it! The thick top looks great and that was an excellent idea to add those extra horizontal pieces - adds so much interest!

  12. I love the new table and your tutorial is so detailed and helpful. Can it go on in a different way? I don't have a miter saw nor a Kreg jig. So can the top just be placed on top of the wood frame?


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