December 2, 2014

DIY "Keep The Change You Filthy Animal" Doormat

I'm ridiculously excited about today's Christmas Spectacular project!

Christmas Spectacular

For those of you that missed yesterday's announcement, I've teamed up with Gina from The Shabby Creek Cottage, Jenna from Rain on a Tin Roof, Jen from My Fabuless Life, and Kelly from Live Laugh Rowe to bring you 25 holiday ideas!

Today I'm sharing my tutorial for our Home Alone inspired "Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal" doormat:

Home Alone is one of my favorite holiday movies. Fun fact: it was filmed in a suburb North of Chicago, about an hour away from where I grew up!

Needless to say, when I saw this Reed Wilson doormat on, I was instantly smitten. I didn't want to pay $30 for it though since I knew I'd only have it outside for the holiday season. Doormat

I thought I could make a knock off version so I got to work!

I had all of my supplies (doormat, paint, stencil brush) on hand so my doormat didn't cost me anything but time!

If you have to buy your supplies, it'll probably cost you about $10 - $15 depending on what you need and where you shop. IKEA sells a cheap $10 doormat (it's the same one I used) and both Michael's and Walmart sell cheap craft paint (~70¢/bottle). I'm sure you could find a stencil brush there too!

To make the stencil, I...

  • Measured the size of my IKEA doormat and created a document the same size in Adobe Illustrator
  • Enlarged the picture of the Reed Wilson doormat so it would fit the size of my document
  • Typed out "Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal" in the font 'Bebas' and enlarged it to fit the size of the letters on the picture of the doormat
  • Created a few new 8 x 10 documents and copied the words over at their exact size
  • Rearranged the words to fit the documents, breaking some apart
  • Printed the letters out on thick cardstock

"Keep the change" templates

To create the stenciling templates, I...

  • Cut each of the letters out with an X-acto knife. Take your time and be as precise as possible during this step. Any miscuts will show up on your doormat!
  • Make sure you keep the middle of the "P" "A's" and "O"!

Cutting "Keep the Change" Letters

I taped the longer words together before lining up the stencils. I should have pushed the two lines closer together like they are on Reed's doormat but I like how my final spacing turned out.

DIY "Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal" Doormat Templates

I used a ruler to line up the bottom of the letters and to help keep things straight:

Use a ruler to align templates

I added some black paint to a paper plate and started stenciling! I held the edges of the letters down while applying the paint in a straight up and down motion.

Stenciling doormat

Note: I should have had a larger paper border at the top/bottom the edges of some of the words ("keep" and "filthy" for example). I had to be extra careful around those areas so I wouldn't get paint outside the stencil.

I had never stenciled anything before so I was really worried that the paint was going to seep under my makeshift template and ruin everything but thankfully it didn't! To my surprise, my edges were super crisp and clean :)

Crisp, clean stencil lines!

I removed each stencil as soon as I was finished with the word. I didn't want to run the risk of it shifting and smearing the wet paint.

DIY Stenciled "Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal" Doormat

I let everything dry for 24 hours before brining the doormat back outside.

DIY Home Alone Inspired "Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal" Doormat

Here's a close up of the letters:

Words detail

I'm so proud of those crisp lines!

I'll show you how the doormat looks with the rest of our outdoor decor as soon as we get around to putting it up :)

What's your favorite holiday movie?

I'm linking to NewlyWoodwards' Dare to DIY party!


  1. Awesome! I loved the Home Alone movie, I used to watch it just for the house and the decor. :)

  2. This is so cute Caitlin! Those crisp lines ARE fantastic!

  3. You NAILED IT! That is one awesome knock-off. xo

  4. Wow, your version looks better than the real thing! Nailed it! You better add door mats to your etsy shop :)

  5. Impressive first stenciling project!! Love it :)

  6. This was one of my favorite things to say when I was a kid because I watched Home Alone like once a week. It's so cheeky on a doormat I LOVE IT!

  7. This is one of my faves you have ever done!!! I love this idea. I may have to try this

  8. I love how this turned out. Your x-acto knife skills amaze me!!

  9. This is SO awesome...I want to make one now!! It's one of my favorite holiday movies! :)

  10. This is so clever - I can't tell you how many times I've watched Home Alone in my lifetime. Bringing back memories.

    Featured you today on NewlyWoodwards.

  11. Love! I can't wait to give this DIY a try. I've been eyeing one off, but couldn't bring myself to pay $70 for a doormat!

    Seattle Water Main Break

  12. Did you use a special kind of paint? I was just curious how it lasted - I was considering making one and using outdoor spray paint

    1. I just used craft paint. We have a covered porch and we live in the desert so it doesn't get rained or snowed on. I just put it out the other day and it looks as good as it did on day 1!


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