20 DIY Stylish & Chic Makeup Vanities in 2024

By: Ashley Ziegler |

You could spend a small fortune on a fancy makeup vanity, or you could get those creative juices flowing by making one yourself. 

Creating a DIY makeup vanity doesn’t have to mean you make it completely from scratch. You can use repurposed furniture or even two sets of drawers with a board over them.

No matter what, though, you’ll end up with a custom vanity that matches your style and personality. 

Small Space Vanity 


Makeup vanities don’t need to be huge in order to be functional. 

This DIY take on a vanity is great for small spaces – and people who don’t like clutter. 

Super Simple DIY Makeup Vanity by Wellesly & King

Wall-Mounted Vanity


Much like the shelf vanity, this is mounted to the wall, but it includes a drawer!

The blogger wrote up a tutorial on how to make this vanity yourself – so you can recreate the look with your favorite wood stain and drawer knob.

Wall Mounted DIY Makeup Vanity by Rain on a Tin Roof

Repurposed Vanity


A DIY project doesn’t have to mean busting out the saw and power tools. 

Finding an old piece of furniture and repurposing it to fit your aesthetic and needs is a great DIY project. It’ll get your creative juices going and you’ll end up with a custom-made piece. 

DIY Vanity Desk Transformation by Renovated Faith

Ikea Hack Vanity


This is another great example of a perfect vanity in a small space. 

This blogger used products you can purchase (inexpensively) at Ikea. Whether you choose to go there or another retailer is completely up to you, either way, you’ll end up with a gorgeous vanity for a great price. 

The Best Ikea Products for a Small Apartment by Coco’s Tea Party

Vanity With A Fancy Bulbbed Mirror


Doesn’t just looking at this vanity make you feel like a movie star? 

You can create a vanity with a Hollywood mirror using this blogger’s tutorial. It’s super easy and your makeup will never look better. 

DIY Makeup Vanity with Hollywood Lighted Mirror by Jen Woodhouse

Kids Play Vanity


Little kids need vanities, too, and would probably love to help you make a DIY version. 

You can repurpose old furniture, or use a tutorial to make a mini makeup vanity for your little one. No matter what you do, your kiddo will look darling sitting there. 

DIY Kids Play Vanity by Jaime Costiglio

Sleek Vanity & Lighted Mirror


This vanity looks elegant and sleek, and it was made completely by the blogger. 

This tutorial has all of the materials she used to create the vanity, including how she made the Hollywood mirror (with energy-efficient LED lights). 

DIY Vanity Desk & Mirror With LED Lights by Napturally Ever After

Glass Top Vanity


Want to know how to instantly upgrade a tabletop? Add some glass to it. 

This makeup vanity has a glass top which allows you to see into your makeup “drawers” without actually pulling them out. It’s chic and easy to DIY. 

DIY Glass Top Makeup Vanity by Liz Marie

Flip Top Vanity


If you don’t love the traditional look of a vanity with a giant mirror, this flip top one is for you. 

By storing away the mirror, you can use the vanity as a writing desk or other tabletop when you’re not putting on makeup. It’s like two pieces of furniture in one. 

Flip Top Vanity by Rogue Engineer

Makeup Vanity Desk


This vanity also has a flip top, but it includes lights and outlets for hair styling tools (or charging your phone – let’s be real). 

This blog has all the information you need to know to recreate the beautiful piece. 

DIY Makeup Vanity Desk by Instructables 

Small & Strong Vanity


Vanities don’t have to be giant and fancy to be functional or aesthetically pleasing. 

This small black vanity has everything you need to put on your makeup, and none of the extras that just take up space. 

DIY Makeup Vanity by Happily Ever Natural

Sleek & Chic Vanity


It’s hard to believe this vanity is a DIY project because it looks so great. 

You can definitely use this as inspiration for your own DIY vanity – all this blogger did was find each piece of furniture individually and then put it together to create a gorgeous look. 

DIY Makeup Vanity by I Always Pick The Thimble

Gold Vanity


This gold vanity is made from nesting side/accent tables! Brilliant! 

This blogger added a trendy chair and hung a mirror behind the tables and created a lovely and unique vanity. 

DIY Makeup Vanity by Lauren Elyce 

Basic But Functional Vanity 


This blogger used some budget-friendly furniture from Ikea and Lowes to create a custom vanity that worked for her. 

You can definitely do the same thing as her, or use her story as inspiration to help you create your own. 

DIY Vanity by From Bare to Bold

Floating Shelves Vanity


Floating shelves are always a good idea in general, but using them as makeup storage and vanity is just downright brilliant. 

All this blogger did was hang a mirror and two floating shelves to create a beautiful and functional DIY vanity. 

DIY Makeup Vanity by Pattys Kloset

Rose Gold & Stamped Vanity


This tutorial will teach you how to recreate the rose gold, lighted vanity mirror. 

You can also follow their lead by using a basic desk as the vanity table itself. 

DIY Vanity Mirror by Instructables 

Minimal & Beautiful  


This white vanity is mounted to the wall to help save space without sacrificing function. 

The most mind-blowing thing this blogger did was hang a medicine cabinet as her mirror. This provides even more storage for her to put her makeup or face creams. 

DIY Vanity by Kiddo and Soul

Gold Glam Mirror 


When you think “gold” and “big bulbs” your mind likely goes right to the early 90s when (gaudy) shiny brass was all the rage. 

This vanity is proof that you can bring that look back, but with style and class. 

DIY Vanity Mirror by Mr. Kate

Play Vanity


This tutorial has everything you need to know to create a cute, basic vanity for kids. 

If you’re good with measurements, you can alter the plans to create a larger (adult) version of this vanity that can hold storage cubes in the cubbies. 

Play Vanity by Ana White

Vanity With Drawers


This DIY vanity was made completely from scratch but looks like it was made by a professional. 

If you don’t feel confident around saws and woodworking, you can achieve a similar look by using a console table instead. 

Vanity by Pass Me A Hammer


Whether you’re looking for a vanity for yourself, or for a little one who loves to play makeup, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a retailer that will have something that perfectly fits your vision and your budget. 

Making your own vanity may seem intimidating, but really it’s just about getting creative with shelves, console tables, or desks and turning them into something that works for you and your space. You’ll end up loving the piece all the more because you created it on your own.