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DIY $2 Gilded Snake Vase

October 20, 2014

Happy Monday!

Quick heads up before we get into today's post: my Etsy shop has been restocked! Check out all of the agate eye candy > > here < <  I'll be adding more items throughout the day :)

Now, for today's post! I made a $2* gilded snake vase!

If you're afraid of snakes, you may want to close your browser/email now.

DIY $2 Gilded Snake Vase

I started with this rubber snake serpent that I got for $1 at the Dollar Tree:

Rubber snake

Gretchen taught me that you can't spray paint rubber (it never dries) so I hand-painted the snake Martha Stewart's "Golden Pearl". *Fair warning: the $2 cost will go up if you don't have paint or a paintbrush on hand.

Gilding rubber snake

It took several coats to completely gild the snake. I left the eyes and tongue red for fun!

Gilded rubber snake

I picked up this clear vase for $1 at, you guessed it, the Dollar Tree!

Dollar Tree vase

I added a line of super glue to the snake's tail and started wrapping it around my vase. If you don't have super glue on hand, you should be able to find it at the dollar store.

Wrapping snake around vase

I kept wrapping and holding and wrapping and holding until I ran out of snake to wrap:

Holding snake in place

I had a little trouble getting the snake's head to stick to the vase so I wrapped some painter's tape around it and let it sit for a little bit (~5 to 10 minutes).

Taped snake head

When the snake's head was finally stuck, I gently removed the painter's tape, filled the vase with water, and added some Alstroemeria!

Snake vase after

Gilded snake vase

The vase turned out better than I expected!

Gilded snake vase

I'm not much of a flower person but I love the Alstroemeria's I picked up for $6!


Let's all pretend I didn't cut their stems too short ;)

Gilded snake

I'll be sharing another snake-based project later this week!

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Thrift Benefit Project: DIY Gold Ring Sculptures

October 14, 2014

A few weeks ago, Jeanette from Country Design Style invited me and 20+ other pet-loving bloggers to participate in her 2nd annual Thrift Benefit for Shelter Animals.

Thrift Benefit is a DIY blogger event to bring awareness to thrift shops that sponsor animal rescues and the rescues that care for the animals that share our journey.

DIY Modern Console Table

October 10, 2014

When we were updating our loft, I knew I wanted to place a console table against our new wainscoting. The previous console table we made was too small for the space so we built a new one!

We changed a few things from the original design. For starters, we Kreg Jigged everything instead of using nails and screws. We also made the top thicker and added some extra decorative pieces (I have no idea what to call them haha). We also made the table larger.