September 4, 2015

Master Closet Plans

When we revisited our master closet plans, we started looking around at all of the different closet companies that are out there (California Closets, Easy Closets, Elfa from Container Store, etc.).

None of them offered exactly what we wanted and most of them were over our budget so we took a trip to IKEA to check out their PAX line. We loved how customizable everything was and how the closet could grow with us overtime with the addition/subtraction of different components.

No, this post isn't sponsored by IKEA! :)

When we got home, I took the measurements of our closet and used IKEA's PAX Planner to plot out the layout so I could visualize everything a little better and to see how much everything was going to cost.

September 2, 2015

Master Closet Before

Our master closet has been in a sad state since we moved in over 3 years ago. Just a heads up, like many of my before posts, this one isn’t going to be pretty!

You have to walk through our bathroom to get to our closet. This is the view from the entrance across from our vanity:

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