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Living Room Gallery Wall Progress

April 22, 2014

The gallery wall in our living room is almost finished! Before I show it to you, I thought I'd walk you through a little bit of the behind-the-scenes thought process that happened before I even put a hole in the wall.

When we put together the gallery wall in our office (pre-desk styling), I basically winged the entire thing.

I kind of knew what I wanted to include on the wall but I didn't really have a plan for it. Instead, I collected every piece of art/hanging object we had at the time and just went for it, tweaking things along the way. Thankfully everything worked out okay and the wall looks pretty decent!

When I started thinking about putting together a gallery wall for our living room, I knew that I'd have to plan it out ahead of time for a couple of reasons:

  1. Our living room is the room we spend the most time in and I wanted everything included in our gallery wall to be something we wouldn't mind staring at for long periods of time.
  2. Our home is open concept and our living room is open to our dining room, kitchen, and foyer. I wanted anything I put on the wall to coordinate with the art and furnishings in the other spaces so everything would be cohesive.

I started the process by searching for pieces of art that I liked and that I thought would coordinate with a few pieces I already had.

Note: All images shown above are property of the respective artists. I claim no ownership.

[ 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 ]

Spoiler alert: all but one of those pieces ended up on our wall :)

After I narrowed down my art options, I started planning their layout.

I used Illustrator to enlarge a photo of our living room to it's actual size in real life. The photo was pixelated and grainy but it helped me start to visualize the size and placement of the pieces I planned to use.

I measured our TV and created a true-to-life black box to represent it. From there, I measured the size of each piece of art that was going to be included on the wall. I created separate boxes for each piece in their exact sizes (8x10, 16x20, etc.) and started placing them around our "TV".

I ended up creating 4 separate, slightly different layouts before choosing a winner. I forgot to include the measurements of my frames in my layout examples so I ran into a couple of spacing issues when I started hanging the art. I had to wing things towards the end so the final layout is different than I had planned but things turned out better than expected! I can't wait to share everything with you on Monday!

How do you accomplish things around your home? Do you wing it and hope for the best or plan things out ahead of time?

Psst: if you don't have Illustrator, you could always do things old school by cutting "frames" out of pieces of kraft paper or newspaper, taping them to your wall, and moving them around until you get a layout you like :)

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Inexpensive Large Wall Art Options

April 18, 2014

The changes we've been making in our living room have caused me to think about making other changes around our house.

For example: I'm thinking about moving the art from our foyer into our dining room.

I like how the art looks in our foyer but despite its large size (50" x 60"), it actually looks pretty small on our two-story wall.

I don't want to fill the entire wall with something (cha-ching!) but I would like to replace the current art with something a little larger so I've rounded up some inexpensive and unexpected large wall art options!

Top 4: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4    |    Bottom 4: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

All of them are massive (6' +), 7 of them are under $50, and the remaining 1 is under $100. Not bad for huge pieces of art!

Can you guess what they're made of?

I'll wait...

4 of them are large tapestries and 4 of them are shower curtains! Yes, shower curtains!

You could tack the tapestries up to the wall as-is or you could build a simple wooden frame for them, wrap the fabric around the frame and staple it in place like you would when you're stretching a canvas.

Some of the shower curtains do have holes at the top for shower curtain rings but you could cut the hole band off, hem the cut edge and then tack the curtain to your wall or you could build a frame for them as well.

Don't feel like you're limited to tapestries or shower curtains either! Tablecloths, sheets, towels, etc. make great art too :)

Would you ever hang a shower curtain on your wall?

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Target Bar Cart

April 16, 2014

We recently added one of Target's coveted wood and brass bar carts (no longer available) to our living room:

I got an amazing deal on it!

2 days after I purchased it, some of my Instagram friends let me know that the bar cart was actually marked down to 70% off! I took my receipt back to Target to see if they could do a price adjustment since it had only been 48 hours from when I purchased my bar cart. There was a little hesitation but eventually the price was adjusted so I ended up getting it for $40! I'm so happy I waited to buy it!

I hung two oversized playing card prints above the bar cart. I had planned on hanging the faceted mirror that's currently above our TV above the bar cart but I changed my mind at the last second and I'm glad I did!

The styling of both shelves will probably change soon. I threw everything together in about 5 minutes because we were having company over last weekend.

My DIY gemstone coasters are stacked underneath a new succulent that I planted in a 50¢ dip bowl from Target. I can't stop making things with those bowls!

I like the bar cart as-is but I'm contemplating some makeover ideas for it.

One of those ideas is to add a hanging stemware rack underneath the top shelf (above the giant cork) since there's so much space between the top and bottom shelves. Hanging the wine glasses will free up some space for other things like an ice bucket, a shaker, some cocktail napkins, etc.

Fun fact: 5 of the bottles of alcohol were gifted to us. 2 came from when we closed on our house and the other 3 were Christmas gifts from my boyfriend's company. 1 of the others I bought because I liked the label and the remaining 2 were purchased for cooking purposes.

The giant champagne cork was a Christmas gift and is actually a door stop but we don't have any doors that need to be stopped so I use it as a decoration.

The reddish-brown box underneath my gemstone coasters holds our set of Dexter coasters. If you watch the show, then you probably know the significance of the "slides" :)

Who wants a margarita? ;)

I think the playing card prints are very fitting for the space above the cart. I hung them above one another so your eye would be drawn up to the ceiling. It makes our 10' ceilings seem even taller!

My disco gnome (no longer available) is still hanging around 4 months after Christmas! It was part of the Novogratz' holiday collection for CB2 but it doesn't scream "holiday" to me so I'm leaving it out year round. When the sun hits the mirrors in the morning, sweet little reflections are cast all over our walls :)

Want to know another fun fact? Those red cups are actually ceramic!

I plan on putting together a living room tour for you as soon as our gallery wall is completed so you can see how everything looks together in the space.

What's on your bar cart? Am I forgetting anything?

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